Bats in Austin

Bats in Austin

Bats in Austin

If you haven’t heard, there are millions of bats in Austin that live under the Congress Avenue Bridge during the spring and summer. The crevices under the bridge make the perfect roost for the Mexican free-tail bats that make their way to Austin every year and create the largest urban bat colony in North America.

These bats attract over 100,000 people every year but not many of them know how to get the best view of the bats.

Many visitors think they can get the best view from staring down from the top of the Congress Avenue Bridge. While this can lead to some amazing sites, especially when the bats emerge from under the bridge for their nightly flying, there is another way that makes it even more spectacular.

The best spot to view the bats

The best view of the bats in Austin is from underneath. Lady Bird Lake lies directly under the Congress Avenue Bridge. From the water’s surface, you can see right into their habitat. Viewing the bats from underneath is not as hard as you think it is. There are plenty of ways to get on and across the water. Canoeing and kayaking are two methods that are easy and fun.

Both Canoeing and kayaking in Austin is peaceful. You can rent canoes and kayaks to take you on a relaxing journey most any time of day. Take a ride under the bridge during the day to see the bats in Austin hanging upside down and getting some shut eye.  Or, take a ride at dusk and watch them start to emerge from their slumber and take flight against the sunset.

Viewing the bats from a kayak gives you an insider’s glimpse of the way the bats in Austin live.

You would be amazed at what you could learn by watching the bats from the water. Why not give it a whirl and rent a canoe or kayak next time you are in Austin?

SXSW: South by Southwest


SXSW…10 Days of Fun in Austin

With SXSW you can have ten days filled with the newest films, music, and technology right at your fingertips. You can meet and interact with thousands of likeminded people and get a one up on the latest news. If you think a place like this doesn’t exist, you’re wrong because that’s exactly what you get at South by Southwest.

South by Southwest is a giant ten-day festival that happens every year right here in Austin, Texas and it’s going on right now.

SXSW is filled with films, music, and interactive media festivals and conferences for the entire ten days it runs. It draws in thousands upon thousands of people from across the country as well as other parts of the world. The individual festivals last for different amounts of time. Interactive media lasts for 5 days, music for 6, and film for 9. There is something for everybody at this festival.

This year, the opening night film is “Song to Song” which was made right here in Austin. It was directed by Terrence Malick and stars Rooney Mara, Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, and Natalie Portman.

Michael Fassbender himself will be present alongside Richard Linklater at a conference about the movie’s modern love story.

There will be a bunch of musical performances throughout SXSW with several notable musical headliners including singer-songwriter Mike Posner who had a hit single last year called “I Took A Pill in Ibiza.” Other notable speakers at this year’s SXSW include Dr. Jill Biden and Vice President Joe Biden.

No matter what your cup of tea is, you can find something you love at SXSW. The ten-day festival has the latest and greatest of everything pop culture. Rather you are here for business or just personal pleasure, SXSW has everything you need to have a good time. The entire festival will knock your socks off. And while you’re here, check out all the other awesome activities Austin has to offer.

When is the best time or season to see the bats in Austin?

The best season & time to see the bats in Austin.

The best season to see the bats in Austin

The best season to see the bats in Austin, Texas under the congress ave. bridge is from April- May.  While they do come a little earlier than this and you can still see them, they start to show up in mass April.

The best time to see the bats in Austin

The best time of day to see the bats in Austin, Texas under the congress ave. bridge is around sunset time and dusk.

Rent a paddle board or kayak to see the bats from a beautiful and unique vantage point or take a tour to make sure you only have knowledge dropped on you and not anything else 😉

Don’t forget the camera.

It is easier to see the Austin bats from on the water under congress ave bridge.

The best place to see the Austin Bats

The best place to see the Austin Bats

The best place to see the austin bats is from the unique perspective of a kayak or paddle board below the congress ave bridge.

It is fun to watch it from the bridge, but it can get really crowded and the best camera angles are not

Wondering when the best time and season to see the bats is?